Since Abundant Life was established in 1994 we have been touring all over South Africa fulfilling our mission and we don’t intend to stop working until the day of the coming of our Lord and Saviour.

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Each Abundant Life group receives four months of extensive training at the beginning of the year.  Experts in each field of training come from all over south Africa to provide the necessary training to ensure that once the members graduate they are thoroughly equipped to spread the gospel and fulfill the mission of Abundant Life.








Dare to Care:

ABL also facilitates a FREE Bible correspondence school named “Dare to Care”. When on tour or hosting camps the Abundant Life group distribute Bible correspondence cards to all who are interested in learning more about God. This has proven to be a very successful tool and the Bible school has more than 800 active students which we corresponded with this month.

You can help by making a donation or enroll someone you know. Most importantly you can help by praying for this ministry to reach as much people as possible to further the Gospel until Jesus comes again!


Download Dare2Care application form – Open file then right click and save file, fill in and email it to us @ abladmin@abundant.co.za

Download D2C Sponrship formOpen file then right click and save file, fill in and email it to us @ abladmin@abundant.co.za




The majority of our programs are done at schools.  Our programs are specifically worked out to focus on issues that students struggle with in school for example co-operation, parent-child relationships, self-esteem, sex, drugs, peer pressure and the trials of daily life.  Programs are tailored to address and resolve, where possible, the needs of the students and are then presented to them in a creative and captivating manner. Puppet shows and interesting activities are presented to younger children, giving them the opportunity to know Jesus from an early age.



The youth in the church form a vital part of the body of Christ and we put a lot of time and energy into serving and also equipping them to be shining lights in a dark world. We want each young person to be excited about working for the Lord.  This is achieved by sharing what God does inside ABL and encouraging the youth to start their own movements from within their local churches. 



Our ministry knows no borders as we serve retirement villages, hospitals, correctional services, other denominations and even businesses.  All who require a spiritual revival are welcome to contact us for bookings or further information.






“My Bible First”

It is finally here in South Africa!

My Bible First produces resources to help parents and churches capture the interest of children and youth to help them give their hearts to Jesus and learn to love and know the Bible.

My Bible First is a member of Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries (ASI). We work closely with church leadership and are committed to the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church to spread the Gospel to the world.







Adventist Frontier Missions NEWSLETTERS:

In 2012 ABL took hands with Adventist Frontier Missions and established a regional office in South Africa.  Abundant Life supports and helps with the establishment of the AFM branch in South Africa and also creates a support team to train and equip missionaries that have a desire to serve the unreached in the world.


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AFM Application for student Missionary

If you want to be a part of AFM then fill in the following forms.

To find out more about AFM then feel free to visit their website.

Download AFM Application Form – Open file then right click and save file, fill in and email it to us @ abladmin@abundant.co.za

Download AFM Sponsorship FormOpen file then right click and save file, fill in and email it to us @ abladmin@abundant.co.za

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