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Abundant Life BYBEL TOER 2019
Contact: Hein Havenga. – 083 658 6352

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Abundant Life Reunion 2019

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Youth Fest / Jeugfees

Youth Fest is a week of spiritual revival held at the Mpati Bush camp outside of Dundee KZN.  Youth from all over South Africa gather to fellowship and worship together, at what has become a yearly spiritual highlight for them. Youth fest has been hosted by Abundant Life since 1996 and has grown immensely in the following years. An international speaker, along with many other local pastors and spirit filled young people are brought in to host Youth Fest and to enlighten us with inspired messages and seminars.

This is a great time to catch up with old friends, meet new friends and have lots of fun, but most importantly it is a time to worship and get connected with our Creator and Lord.

Watch this space for further information regarding our guest speaker.


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Bus fees are separate from camp fees

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Drakensberg Kampvergadering

Every Year Abundant Life hosts our Drakensberg Camp meeting at the ATKV Drakensville Holiday resort. Each Campmeeting international as well as local speakers bless and inspire us with uplifting services and insightful seminars.

CONTACT Mary Torlage @ 081 534 3408


No Guts No Glory

No Guts, No Glory camp was started because of a realization that we, as a church, are losing our youth at a shocking rate. Pretty soon our SDA youth will be an extinct species unless we take action and grab them out of the clutches of the world and hold on to them for dear life.

We, (pastors, parents, youth leaders, evangelists, missionaries) as current leaders in the church, who still have the influence and opportunity to do something about this crisis, have the responsibility to train other emerging leaders in the church to fill the vacant spaces left when we are gone. We need to plan ahead, those spaces don’t fill themselves.  We need to offer our young people the opportunity to have a genuine, lasting relationship with Christ. The only way to save our youth is to get them to take a stand and make a decision for Christ, to follow Him and work for His cause. Decisions like these are made at camps like No Guts, No Glory.

No Guts, No Glory is the ideal midyear program to send our youth to, to grant them a life changing experience that will equip them to know their Bibles, get a taste for outreach and stand firm for Christ; everything that is needed to be leaders in the SDA church.

The No Guts, No Glory camp radically changes young peoples’ lives. It caters for those who are new in the faith, who haven’t yet had a chance to taste; the joys of outreach and fellowship as a team.; It also trains the youth who have been brought up in the church to understand and stand for what some of them might not even know their faith proclaims.; To many others it is also the perfect place to reconnect with Jesus.
Our No Guts, No Glory camp has been hosted since 1997 and has proven to be very successful in equipping the youth with the basic ‘know how’ to evangelize.It also provides them with much needed knowledge and experiences to strengthen ones’ personal relationship with Christ.

This intense 3 week Bible training camp transforms a young persons’ life as they spend ample time in the Word of God and in nature, listening to His voice in creation and being lectured on a variety of vital topics that are needed to be a leader in today’s church. The first week is spent in the bush on a farm outside Newcastle where they are completely cut off from the distractions of the outside world, i.e no cell phones, internet or personal music. This provides an opportunity for them to hear the voice of God speaking to their hearts. The youth will undergo many fun activities and extreme team building as well as solo time with God, getting to know themselves and God on a more intimate level. During this camp they will realize who they are and who God wants them to be.

In a world where there is so much confusion about how to dress, act, perform or who to befriend and which worldly standards to live by, there is still a place where God speaks loud and clear, and this place, we believe is during the No Guts No Glory experience.


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Winter/Summer Junior and Teen Camp – Winter/Somer Junior en Tiener Kamp

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Winter and Summer camp is always our favourite kids camp this year will be no different. Water sports, slides, games and activities and the chance to learn more about our Creator. Junior Camp is for children aged 8-12 and Teen Camp is for children aged 13-16.

What to bring:
Your Bible/Jou Bybel.
Old and warm clothes/Ou en warm klere.
Old tekkies for hiking/Ou stap skoene.
Sleeping bag, pillow and blanket/Slaapsak, kussing en kombers.
Swimming clothes/Swem klere.
A good spirit/’n Lekker gees.
NB: – Please ensure that all personal items (especially clothing) are properly marked with your child’s name!
NB – Maak asseblief seker dat alle persoonlike items (veral klere) duidelik gemerk is met u kind se naam!


Download Junior and Teen Application form NB!! click on the link then save. Fill saved document in and email to

Bus fees are separate from camp fees 

The camps will be separate for the juniors and teens.